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Band Touring

Same Gear. Same Sound. Every Night.

When you're a touring band, the sound that you make is what's important. It's what you're selling, and it's what's going to get you the next gig. So it has to be up to standard, controlled, and the quality has to be the same for every audience you play - it's only fair to your fans.

We speak to a lot of up and coming or smaller bands. One thing we hear more than anything else is when a band turns up to a show and they're not happy with the house or event engineer or equipment. Often these factors are completely outside your control and you just have to make the best of the situation.

Best case scenario is that it takes more time than necessary to get to a sound that you're happy with; it doesn't quite sound the same as the last show, but it'll do. Worst case scenario; the engineer has no idea what they're doing, or even worse, doesn't really care; there aren't enough channels on the mixing console, and it sounds horrendous. 

One major misconception is that a sound engineer that travels with a band is a luxury reserved for U2 and Beyonce. We prefer to see the sound engineer as part of the band - they're there to develop the sound and get it across to the audience. Not controlling the show that you're playing could lead to disaster - can you afford not use a sound engineer who knows you and knows how to mix your music?

Getting the right sound

We want to help your band play the best show it can, every time. We work closely with bands and projects to fine-tune minor details, such as what mic works best with the lead singer's voice, and the best signal chain for processing the snare drum. We start developing the sound in the rehearsal room, then build on the show gig after gig - rather than starting from scratch every night.

Use the same equipment

Going to a show not knowing if you'll be able to use the same vocal mic that sounded great last night, or hoping that the house engineer doesn't destroy the lovingly perfected sound of your guitar amp with some dodgy cheap microphone, is not a great place to be. We believe that you should have as much control over all of the equipment as possible, provided by people that you know and trust. We want to provide the same equipment on stage, at the mix position, and even PA system if necessary, so that you can deliver the same quality of sound every night.

Sound Good?

If having an expert sound production company looking after your shows is something that you think your band could benefit from, why not give us a shout and we can make something happen.