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Show Design

Designing Your Show

We love designing shows. It is a process that often takes place in dark gloomy rooms for hours on end, but the end result is worth it. We particularly need to think about the design of a show if it has many moving parts that all need to come together in a uniquely creative way, like a dance show, or a theatrical piece.

Every show is different and aims to convey its own message and achieve its own goals. We want to use the best technology available to help you convey your message. A show is made up of different parts, and different shows require different tools to get the job done.

We have a lot of background in software development and programming, and as such we turn to computers and software to achieve the best possible show design. We use a variety of tools on a day-to-day basis, below is a brief list of just some of them.


QLab is an incredibly powerful and lightweight software for running timed shows. It is our go-to tool for media playback including video, audio, and basic lighting. It is particularly useful when exact timing is crucial, and for reproducing the same show night after night.

Ableton Live

For shows that are very musically involved, it is often necessary to playback audio from designated audio software. This is where Ableton Live comes in. Live is great for audio playback and firing clips, as well as recording a show if needed. It isn't the only audio DAW we're inclined to utilise, but it is certainly very useful.


For video and presentation playback, nothing rivals ProPresenter. It's versatile, stable, and reliable. We choose ProPresenter to manage presentations and videos every time.